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we’re a family business offering excellent pay, tips and company pension

we are always looking for new people with warm personalities and genuine smiles who enjoy life and like making people happy!

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about us

welcome to baresca tapas family

we are a family-run duo of tapas restaurants that take inspiration from Barcelona and beyond 

the idea for the restaurants originally sparked on a trip to Barcelona back in the autumn of 2002 where our eyes were opened to a style of eating that has since become our speciality…

whilst we ran for shelter from a heavy rain storm, we took cover in a small, unassuming tapas bar on the edge of the Boqueria market

with ingredients fresh from the market and an atmosphere that was bursting with energy; we were immediately captivated 

we experienced what was to us a new form of dining that bucked the predictable order of plates served to individuals and moved towards a more inclusive, sharing, complete experience: one where great food, great company and great atmosphere were equally important

we started having exciting ideas about how we could possibly bottle this and take it home, but do things our-way 

roll on a few years and luckily our hard work and perseverance started paying off with the opening of escabeche in 2010- and five years later, baresca in Nottingham city centre 

at the heart of any restaurant is the food and every tapas feast is a one-of-a-kind experience; from the very start, we have always referenced the spirit of Barcelona especially when it comes to restaurant design but have not been afraid to move away from traditional Spanish dishes and put our own take on tapas, taking influences from all over the world and looking closer to home too using some fabulous, fresh local ingredients 

with creating daily tapas specials, we have only one rule and that is the tapas must be something we’d love to eat ourselves

only made possible by our wonderful fun loving teams of talented front of house and chefs we hope you get to experience the same vibrancy and excitement that we fell in love with on that rainy day back in Barcelona



baresca opening - 2015

escabeche refresh



La Boqueria mercat
- 2022


baresca summer menu



baresca - 2019

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