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August at baresca and escabeche - a roundup of what’s been going on and what’s to come

August has been a busy month and we have even bigger plans heading into the Autumn at baresca and escabeche.

There’s an old Spanish proverb: “Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara.” This roughly translates to “when the going gets rough, the tough gets going.”

It’s fair to say that the recent temporary closure of baresca due to our chefs having to self isolate was a rough time for the baresca family. But during this time, we got the chance to work on some big future plans and it’s been amazing to welcome our guests back to Byard Lane over the Bank Holiday weekend..

From a host of much-loved special dishes and graduation celebrations, to two big pieces of news looking ahead, here’s what we’ve been up to.

TBW (Tapas Before Wicket)

It was great to see so much cricketing action in West Bridgford again - including the debut of the brand new championship, The Hundred, and the international test between England and India in early August.

While the result was a draw, it was great to serve so many cricket fans in high spirits and bring friends together around tables of tasty tapas. And we look forward to serving many more throughout the next couple months of matches.

Look back at the specials

This month, our team of talented chefs expressed their creativity and personality across a whole host of special dishes that highlighted the best of local and Spanish produce.

Key highlights include this sweet celebration of local ingredients on Nottinghamshire day: Woodthorpe local honey parfait with homemade honeycomb and raspberries. Alongside this, crisp roast pork belly with apple & chilli purée gave the classic combination of pork, apple and a hint of spice, while the grilled peaches with Serrano ham and buffalo mozzarella provided a real summer hit.

The feedback was really positive and we can’t wait to see how our special dishes change, as we head into autumn. Speaking of new dishes...

We are launching a new menu in September

As we move into a new season, ingredients change, flavours change and tastes change. We’re not ones for standing still and relying on the same old menu - our team has worked really hard and the end result is a brand new menu, which is launching next month.

There are a lot of new dishes (and the return of some old fan favourites) that we can’t wait to show you soon.

Christmas is coming back to baresca and escabeche

And finally, one of those things that just seems logical on paper, but means so much for us to confirm this year.

Plans are in motion - we will be announcing a Christmas menu and taking bookings in the next couple weeks. Watch this space and get your friends and family (or the work team) together around a table of tasty tapas. Shared tapas always tastes better!

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