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fiesta gastronomica – your questions answered

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In case you missed it, we are running our first-ever tasting menu at escabeche – named fiesta gastronomica – on Tuesday 25th February.

For just £22 per person, you can sit back and explore a vast range of flavours in six tapas courses – created by our talented team.

Of course, this is a brand-new type of event not just for us, but we believe for West Bridgford as a whole, so you may have some questions (or you may just want to know more about the story behind it).

Well, we’ve picked out some of the most asked questions (along with a few of our own) and posed them to the minds behind fiesta gastronomica.

1. What is Fiesta Gastronomica?

Of course, you already know the general gist of what this is in the above text, but let’s delve deeper. Translated from Spanish, the name means gastronomic party – a kind of celebration that the people of Spain are well versed in.

You will see several tapas restaurants in Barcelona hold events like this, in which talented chefs create a set of small dishes packed with incredible flavour. It is our plan to do the same and bring this slice of Catalonian spirit to West Bridgford.

2. What inspired you to do this event?

On the back of successful tasting menu events we run regularly at our sister restaurant Perkins Bar & Bistro in Plumtree, we thought it was time to bring a similar exciting yet great value dining experience to West Bridgford.

This is also a great opportunity for our chefs to work a bit more fluently and exercise their talent away from the constraints of the main menu.

3. How did you decide on the dishes that form this tasting menu?

Like any menu we start by collecting ideas, whether that be from our amazing chefs, our trips away, from books or from our own experience of things that have worked well in the past.

We then piece together and adapt the dishes into something that we would love to eat ourselves. We hope you’ll find a balance between classic tapas dishes and interesting innovations.

4. Are there any stories behind what inspired any of the dishes specifically?

The buttermilk fried chicken (BFC) dish is something Alex at escabeche created and popped on the specials board late last year and went down an absolute storm, so that was a no-brainer.

A version of the Rioja braised beef is something me, Dave and Jon enjoyed on our last trip to Barcelona at Casa De Tapas, but we have changed it up here with our style of garnish.

As for the others, they have originated from a combination of past and current ideas with new twists

5. What can you expect from the evening?

Well, some new (old) faces- this is a first and a new experience for escabeche so we are bringing a couple of the Perkins team down to ensure it runs smoothly!

We hope you will have a unique, fun, fresh food experience without breaking the bank. If all goes well, we are hoping to make this a regular feature of the escabeche calendar!


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