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Get to know the Baresca Tapas Family

We chatted to team members Karolina and Lucy about how they've found adapting to a takeaway-only operation.

1. Let's get straight into it, what has it been like working as a takeaway compared to a restaurant?

K - It is completely different to what I’m used to. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the restaurant from a different point of view while working in the kitchen. I did not think I would ever say this but I’ve found takeaway is a bit more stressful. As you don't get to see the customers you can't always find out and see how their food was. It’s so nice when we receive phone calls from our happy customers. When working in the restaurant, we are working face-to-face with customers, we see lots of regulars and have a chat and get to know them there’s so much more interaction and I love making their days special and just seeing their smiles.

L - Very different- I have never made so many takeaway boxes! It’s so

strange to be in the restaurant and have it so empty, I miss the busy,

bustling restaurant and the atmosphere and vibe that this brings. I can’t

wait to have this back again! When customers collect food it is so nice to

see them and hear how much they miss us and it really warms your heart

to know everyone wishes us well and to receive positive feedback from the

regulars on their home tapas experience.

2. What are your favourite tapas dishes on the menu?

K - Chicken stew and crispy sticky beef are my favourites! I could eat them

all the time and never get bored. I tried to do crispy beef at home but it

never tastes as good as at escabeche/baresca.

L - Every lunch break my go-to dish is the Moroccan spiced aubergine tagine. I love this dish so warming and it’s a vegan dish so you can feel good about the calories too! But I also love the salmon tikka so yummy!

crispy px Beef salmon 'tikka' aubergine tagine chicken stew

3. As many people are looking to cooking at home, what is your go-to cheap meal to make at home?

K - In general I like a lot of things but if I have to choose it would be any

type of pasta, e.g. Bolognese or Polish 'pierogi' - dumplings with cottage

cheese and potatoes!

L - I love making soups, I hate waste so this is a really good way to get those unused veggies in the fridge draw into use! I tried a sweetcorn soup recipe with cheesy scones that was beautiful. And with the long cold nights I always love a good slow cooker beef stew - perfect for long work days to return home to.

4. Have you picked up any new hobbies/taught yourself something new

K - I've recently passed my theory and my partner is teaching me how to drive. Sometimes it's hard as he is not that patient, I can't wait until I will be able to have proper lessons with an instructor and finally have my driving licence!

L - Nothing new - but I have re-kindled my love for art and have spent a lot of time enjoying drawing once again, I am quite grateful for this in a way as I never realised just how relaxing this is. Lots of long walks in the woods also and learning new places within local area with my best friend (the dog).

5. What will be the first thing you do when the lockdown and restrictions end and we can get back to some sort of normality?

K - Oh! I would like to go to see my family. It's been over a year since I’ve seen them and I miss them a lot!

L - Drive to see my parents and sister and give them the BIGGEST hug! And then arrange to meet my family and friends and having a meal in a restaurant & a drink in a bar!

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