how to make vegan sweet & sticky crispy px vegetables

Updated: Apr 27

It’s a Chinese speciality with a baresca twist, made vegan! Here is our recipe to make sweet & stick crispy px vegetables.

Did you catch our sweet & sticky crispy px beef recipe a few weeks ago? A lot of you loved it, but there was one problem… What about the vegetarians and vegans out there?

It’s a good question to ask - and one that Richard Fuller had an answer for in the comments of our Facebook page, creating his own version using cauliflower!

So, we've re-worked the original recipe just down below.


  • 220g cauliflower

  • 180g tender stem broccoli

  • 150g mushrooms

  • 250g halloumi or vegan cheese

  • 30g cornflour


  • 95g Dark soy sauce (we use a gluten free one- but any will do)

  • 80g peeled and roughly chopped onions

  • 60g fresh grated ginger or jarred ginger purée

  • Four-five garlic cloves

  • 12g chilli flakes

  • 5g vegetable oil

For garnish

  • Two spring onions

  • Two red chillies

  • Sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds


  1. Whizz together the ingredients for the marinade in a food processor and decant to a large bowl or dish.

  2. Cut the cauliflower and tender stem broccoli into small florets, half the mushrooms and dice the halloumi (or vegan cheese) into cubes.

  3. Place in cornflour for one hour then shake the excess off

  4. Time to cook, you’ve got two options here:

  5. Use this cooking technique if you’re confident you can do it safely - probably not in a family home. Deep fry the vegetables: use a deep fat fryer or heat a deep good sized saucepan with vegetable oil to 170°. Shake the excess flour from the vegetables and deep fry for two minutes.

  6. Use this simpler method if you want to be safer - Heat a frying pan with a dash of vegetable oil on a very high heat until it starts to smoke and flash fry for two minutes maximum. You want to ensure the vegetables are crispy but not burnt!

  7. Once complete, remove the vegetables and place on a kitchen towel to absorb the fat.

  8. Finally, coat the vegetables in sauce before plating and adding garnish.

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