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fiesta gastronomica – escabeche tasting menu wrap-up

On Tuesday 25th February, we ran our first-ever tasting menu at escabeche, named Fiesta Gastronomica.

Six tapas courses inspired by our trips to Barcelona – bringing pure Catalan passion to the dinner table with every bite.

How did it go? Well, we had a full restaurant and the feedback seems to dictate it was good, but we need the detailed thoughts of someone who isn’t a chef or front-of-house staff member.

So, we spoke to our social media guy (we let him out the cupboard every now and again), to find out more about the big occasion.

Was it any good?

I understand if you took my opinion as a little biased… But the food was amazing. Our talented chefs knocked it out of the park with these dishes – packing them full of amazing flavours and cooking them to perfection.

And that, in turn, leads to a great restaurant atmosphere and a bunch of happy customers. The smiling faces and great feedback we received on the night speaks for itself.

Much like the regular tasting menu events at our sister restaurant, Perkins Bar & Bistro in Plumtree, this one is well worth an evening out to come and experience!

What was your favourite dish?

Now, this is a mean question – kind of like picking a favourite breed of dog or favourite child!

So, instead of getting told off by the boss for favouritism, I left this to my girlfriend, who really loved the buttermilk fried chicken dish.

The combination of sweetcorn chutney and garlic aioli paired amazingly with the crispy, juicy fried chicken, fulfilling the mission of any tapas – a small dish with big flavour.

Will you do another one?

That’s a good question… Looking at the rapid polling we did on Instagram, we can see that an overwhelming 96% of people would love to see another Fiesta Gastronomica. All we can say now is watch this space.


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