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live music & tapas - a match made in Catalan heaven

both tapas and live music have been long-enduring staples in Spanish history – showcasing the local’s ingenuity in blending the varied influences and cultures that settled the region and transforming them into something one-of-a kind and undeniably Spanish!

while live music has been intertwined with Spanish culture from the 6th century B.C. - Roman rule bringing with it the music and ideas of ancient Greece – the tradition of tapas wasn’t officially documented until the 1500’s when the reigning monarch, King Filipe II, passed a royal decree requiring taverns keepers to accompany each glass of wine with a tapa or “cover” – a round slice of sausage served on top of the glass like a lid in an effort to reduce public drunkenness

to this day many locals hold up tapas as the reason you will rarely ever see a drunk Spaniard staggering through the streets!

not only do tapas and music share a long and varied history – they also share the ability to bring groups of people together

for locals, both music and tapas are a social activity and a bonding experience - so, it’s only natural that in recent times the two seem to go hand and hand

there’s no quicker way to make a group of individuals feel like family than by letting loose and throwing a few shapes together on a crowded dance floor or all joining in to take down a dish with no worries over serving spoons or separate plates

within the baresca tapas family, we’re all about shared experiences – after all, tapas shared tastes better

that’s why we try and bring the two worlds together as much as humanly possible whether it’s through our chilled out acoustic events every Sunday in West Bridgford or through our all-out parties in our city centre basement bar

it’s all in a day’s work of bringing the Catalan spirit to our friends in Nottingham.

want to experience it for yourself? check out our events schedule here.


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